BNC CRIMP – 5 SETS (5 X 3 pcs sets)


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BNC Male RG59 Crimp –  3pc Crimp Connectors for RG59 Coax for CCTV Video Cable.

Pack of 3-part BNC Crimps, containing BNC plug, Outer Collar and Ferrule pin.

1 Pack contains 1 BNC Crimp.

You will receive 5 x sets.

A Crimp Tool will be required for crimping the sleeve.

Main Specification.
Professional quality crimps.
Gold plated center pins for conductivity.
75-ohm impedance for enhanced performance
RoHS Compliant
Fully enclosed outer metal conductor and center pin cavity geometry.
High flex-life coupling spring applies constant pressure after many cycles.
A double-knurled ferrule or crimp sleeve surface.
Outer contact nickel plating for a bright, long-lasting, non-tarnish finish.


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